The difference between the automatic glass cutting machine and semi-automatic

by:Enkong     2021-02-12
According to the requirements of the use of the differences, glass cutting machine is mainly divided into semi-automatic cutting and automatic cutting machine. Semi-automatic glass cutting is mainly used for manual cutting and automatic glass cutting machine is mainly used in automatic glass cutting. Automatic glass cutting machine is mainly composed of work station, chuck turnover slider mechanism, chuck slider mobile mechanism, transmission drum, fan and electric cabinet group. Semi-automatic glass cutting machine is mainly composed of mesa, rotor body, vacuum system, air flotation system and walking system. Automatic glass cutting machine in working process, can be done by automatic control or manual control, manual mode is mainly used in crushing and maintenance, each action can independently, can also be used for normal work. Provide chips after pick up the signal, flip system work. Vacuum bar make the clamp arm up, when it achieve the same Angle as the glass stop turning. Through motor keep chuck movement. Semi-automatic glass cutting machine only need one worker in the whole process wireless remote control operation, the glass directly on the device on the desktop, and then manually cut. Button on the remote control device of the movement and some auxiliary functions.
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