The difference between stone edging and glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-06

Stone and glass (Flat class) Although it can be applied to Decoration Engineering at the same time, the glass edging machine, processing shape and edge grinding machine are different. First, the difference between the edge grinding method 

1, because the stone deep processing is mainly used for decoration engineering, the batch is small, the specifications are more, the flat stone is currently partially deep processing with semi-automatic machines, such as 15- The 30 cm width line is roughly ground and finely polished by a horizontal line machine.  Most of the shapes are processed by manual hand-held grinding machine.

 2.  After deep processing, flat glass is mainly used in the fields of household appliances, automobiles, solar energy, curtain wall engineering, etc.  Glass products have large quantities and few specifications, such as shower room glass and stove glass, which can be deep processed in large quantities, the main processes are edge grinding, drilling, cleaning, silk screen printing, tempering, etc.  The Edge grinding is all completed by a glass edging machine with a high degree of automation.

 Glass is mainly based on peripheral processing. Second, the difference of processing shape 

1.    Stone deep processing shape is more complex, in addition to the normal flat bottom edge and arc edge, there are various shapes, the machine is replaced by the molding wheel, most of the manual grinding, such as surface lines, semi-arcs, stair treads, etc. , the processed shape is beautiful. 

 2.  The processing of flat glass is mainly based on edging, with simple shape, mainly based on flat bottom edge, arc edge and duckbill edge. The above is the difference between stone edging and glass edging, hoping to help everyone.
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