The difference between glass chamfering and glass edging and precautions for use

by:Enkong     2022-07-20

The glass chamfering is to make a small plane of generally 45 degrees on the 90-degree edge, so that the plane and the inner wall, or the plate surface are all 45 degrees. When inserting things in it, it will not be stuck, which is more convenient, such as 8X30 degrees: refers to a right-angled triangle formed by chamfering a long straight side with a length of 8mm and an angle of 30 degrees. It is often used for chamfering when drawing. Know If one corner is 8 and the angle is 30 degrees, you can draw the length of the other two sides and the angle of the other two sides. The undeclared chamfer is in the flange, and all the undeclared chamfers are mostly 0.5×45° and 1× 45°, the above-mentioned chamfering is a noun. In addition, in the production process of polycrystalline silicon wafers in the photovoltaic industry, there is a process called chamfering/polishing, where chamfering is a verb, which means The edge of the silicon ingot is processed to remove the edge and corner. The chamfering process is mainly to make a certain length of slope along the shaft and hole in machining along the 30°45°60° equal angle or by means of a drilling machine. It is a common labeling method for glass edging machines to facilitate installation (for example, C1 chamfering angle is 45° and length is 1mm). The chamfering point in AutoCAD is chamfered, and then input the angle according to the prompt, generally 304560 (including °), then Enter the length, and then select the first and second sides. According to the order of the selected sides, when the angle is 3060 degrees, the chamfer will be different.

1. Precautions when using the linear edger: .

The working method of the linear edger is to clamp the glass through the front and rear platens and drive its linear motion for grinding. Two points must be paid attention to in use:

①The joint surfaces of the front and rear pressure plates and the guide rails should be lubricated frequently, otherwise the normal service life of the machine will be affected due to the premature wear of the front and rear pressure plates and the working surfaces of the guide rails. Although some models have automatic lubrication devices, the lubrication lines should also be checked frequently. Is it smooth.

②The clamping force should be appropriate when clamping the glass. Too looseness will affect the grinding quality. If it is too tight, the machine load will increase, and the phenomenon of shaking and crawling will easily occur. When grinding thin glass, it is easy to break the glass. The slightly larger glass is clamped on the machine for testing, that is, the glass is clamped in the middle of the machine, and the glass glass edging machine manufacturer can use both hands to move the glass when it is stopped.

2. Precautions when using the special-shaped glass edging machine: .

① Whether the height of the suction cups of the special-shaped machine workbench is consistent has a great influence on the grinding effect. During the assembly, the manufacturer has carried out self-grinding on the five sets of suction cup seats, and selected suction cup glue with the same thickness to keep the height of each suction cup consistent. Therefore, generally In any case, do not disassemble or assemble the suction cup. If the suction cup glue is damaged, choose one with the same thickness to replace.

②After the vacuum pump of the special-shaped machine is used for a period of time, the vacuum degree will decrease (that is, the suction force will drop) due to water intake and other reasons, so pay attention to inspection and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine will work under the condition of insufficient suction, which will affect the grinding process. On the other hand, it is also prone to safety accidents.

3. Matters needing attention when using the bilateral glass edging machine: .

①The double-sided edger is a high-grade edger. It is best to fix two or three people to operate it to ensure correct operation.

②When there is an error or failure in the program of the bilateral grinding, it is best to ask the original manufacturer to send someone to repair and debug it. Under normal circumstances, do not dismantle and repair, so as not to mess up the program and cause production stoppage.

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