The development trend of glass machinery industry

by:Enkong     2020-12-31
After nearly 20 years of growth, China's glass machinery industry began in the second half of last year showed a trend of decline, slow growth slowdown. More than a decade ago, equipment, glass machinery industry is the development goal of perfection is now aiming at the advanced direction. The change of the target, marked the glass machinery industry to a new level. Along with our country gradually from the factory of the world to all over the world manufacturing industry, the key factor in the development of high speed growth rate in more than a decade has changed, the characteristics of glass machinery industry is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is a clear demand, demand to speed up the upgrading of industrial structure, the second is the high-end models into the industry's attention hot spot, depth of the glass machinery industry transition is imminent. From more than 10 years of statistical data analysis, the glass machinery industry after years of growth in our country, since the second half of last year's growth is slowing, output growth also slowed markedly. From the perspective of industrial structure, more than a decade ago, glass machinery industry is the focus of the middle and low grade equipment high growth rates, now focus on high-end equipment, glass machinery industry key changes show that the glass machinery industry has reached a new level. Glass machinery industry for nearly 10 years and sums up the achievements are as follows: one is the rapid growth of the economic planning, until last year, China ranked first in the world, this is a change from small to large; Second, on the advanced equipment from root to leap, from scratch to develop; Three is the enterprise general improvement in quality, at the same time, there was a group of excellent enterprise with market competitiveness. At present, China's enterprises are faced with the status quo, is glass cutting machine aggregate demand has been greatly reduced, and the demand of the industrial structure has been accelerated to upgrade. The glass edge grinding machine industry in China a drop in demand, at the same time, industry internal structure of the internal imbalance is more and more obvious, the already fierce competition industry homogeneity.
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