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The development trend of domestic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-02-02
Glass cutting machine is specially used for glass processing and feed processing machinery. As an improvement, including shaft, transmission wheel glass conveying mechanism, an electric motor and a belt between the arrangement of the first straight beam and a second straight beam top frame of the double bridge overpass cutting length table low third straight beam and a fourth straight beam frame length on the head. At the end of the length direction of the air floating feeding table provides a proximity switch is connected to the power of the motor control circuit to control the opening and closing of the motor, and the upper slightly below the table of the proximity switch. Further improvement, twinbridge overpass cutting machine have been beam in the first and second straight beam set up two block glass vertical scrolling artifacts, four rolling component layout into a rectangle. Glass cutting production line by machine, computer cutting machine, debris in the upper and lower segments. The cutting machine in domestic independent research and development is becoming more mature, and to carry on the design, research and development, then slowly replace foreign products.
the machinery and control level of domestic market glass cutting machine
the development of glass cutting machine products in China under the influence of similar foreign products, the general expression is completely copy and part imitate, very few r&d investment in the industry, with foreign products on the mechanical and control level difference is very big, the understanding of the control system of abroad, only stay in a simple application level, the machinery manufacturing limited to domestic raw materials and processing level, only to stay in shape. Left in the field of high-end glass cutting machine has been foreign brands in the world, the current domestic large glass enterprises in the use of glass cutting machine more than 80-90% are foreign brands. So in today's rapid development of science and technology, with the rising cost of labor, especially for product accuracy requirements from the customers is more and more strict, enterprises are increasingly demanding for efficiency, with the result of optimization software diagram manually cut glass, will be gradually replaced by a glass cutting machine, of course, now the trend has shifted away from the large glass processing enterprise slowly to the doors and Windows manufacturing extension of medium-sized enterprises and some big.
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