The depth of the glass cutting machine for cutting the degrees of different reasons

by:Enkong     2021-03-16
Glass cutting machine has to glass processing and material of a kind of processing equipment, glass cutter head and tail sort of gas containing raft send platform, build overpass type cutting table. Guys in the case of application of glass cutting machine are likely to encounter the following situation, glass cutting machine for cutting different gradation and difficulties. The following is my appear about the solution of the problem and reason. The condition of different thick is likely to be of the following categories: 1. Round a sword or a hole is not round, lead to periodic reverse bounce. This kind of situation lead to poor cutting mainly for laminated glass cutting line with regularity of a deep, shallow, removable stronger shaft tenon processing. 2. Cutting ambry mesa caused by uneven regional cutting depth is too shallow or too deep. This kind of situation usually can make cutting ambry mesa scratchable latex, look at the cutting problem often appeared in which a grid, so is the ambry mesa rugged in this region. Solution to the economic development is changing a toothed wheel.
the performance and features of glass cleaner
glass cleaning machine adopt pneumatic water supply equipment can save water, remain isolated. Glass washing machine is in the mirror, vacuum coating, tempered glass, hot bending, hollow glass pieces and deep processing before the group process was carried out on the glass surface clean and dry processing of special equipment. Glass cleaning machine is mainly composed of transmission system, scrub, water, pure water rinse, cold, hot air dry and electric control system into glass washing machine is a mechanical product industry often see. The glass cleaning machine USES a very wide range, in the process of use with their use of fine quality brings us a lot of convenience. So what kind of mechanical glass cleaning machine has some characteristics? See as follows: glass cleaner is used in the process of design of the level of horizontal structure. Mechanical equipment of temperature controller is able to adjust glass cleaning machine mechanical temperature to 0 ° - — Between 90 °. Machinery in use in the process of mechanical cleaning can be arbitrary regulation speed. Equipment have characteristics of high temperature resistant, long service life. So we feel safety when using glass cleaner is guaranteed, and the use of mechanical performance is very good. Many users who used glass cleaning machine mechanical evaluation is very high, generally said machinery in use to use effect is very good, in the process of the performance of mechanical quality guaranteed. So when in the use of the advantages of glass you can totally rest assured, need not worry mechanical performance is poor, the use of poor quality.
Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the glass processing machines is managed.
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