The correct use of glass machinery can effectively extend its life

by:Enkong     2021-03-31
The correct use and regular maintenance of the glass edging machine can effectively extend the service life of the machine, especially for the newly purchased machine, be sure to read the instruction manual before using it, because the current machine is constantly improving. When using a variety of newly purchased edging machines, you must first understand the transmission principle of the machine, the role of various handles, handwheels, electrical buttons, waterway and airway control valves, and master the machine maintenance knowledge. Can be operated on the machine. The quality of the grinding head of the glass edging machine has a great influence on the grinding quality of the glass. The position of the grinding head and the moving gap have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Generally, do not move the rest except the advance and retreat grinding head during use. So as not to affect the grinding quality. In addition, the retreat position of the grinding head is not easy to be too large, otherwise the waterproof cover will be easily damaged, resulting in water leakage, and the motor will be easily burned out. Adequate cooling also has a greater impact on the grinding effect. Always check the cooling pipeline for blockage. Especially the pipeline of the linear edging machine is easy to be blocked by the bristles, and it is not easy to be noticed after blocking, which will cause insufficient cooling and affect the quality of edging. It should be noted that the continuously variable transmission used by the glass edging machine must be in the on state when adjusting the speed, otherwise it is easy to damage the continuously variable transmission of the edging machine. The correct operation of the glass edging machine can also improve the quality of the product and the production efficiency.

Glass machinery types

Glass machinery types, glass processing is inseparable from glass processing equipment. There are various types of glass machinery and different names in different places. The following limited company will summarize the types of glass machinery for you: glass edging machine, glass straight edge Machine, glass beveling machine, glass chamfering machine, glass grinder, glass washing machine, some places are called glass washing machine, glass drilling machine, glass cutting machine, glass tempering furnace, glass bending furnace, glass Hot melting furnace, glass hot press, glass production line, etc. The above is a complete list of glass machinery types.
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