The correct use of glass cutting machine can reduce machining error

by:Enkong     2020-12-30
Glass is a kind of slice cutting machine can improve the machining precision and production efficiency of equipment, each device is equipped with positioning positioning guide unit, including fixed unit and control unit, control unit connected to the fixed unit and positioning guide unit respectively, can reduce the glass edge grinding of machining error caused by vibration and other factors. Let's look at the glass cutting machine operation method. 1. Glass to the workbench, by bogie adjustment to the position of the glass on the surface of the table, make for grinding film side near the side of the table edge grinding. 2. Positioning guide rail positioning, rotation axis positioning and position locating rod shaft in a horizontal rotation, locating rod end position in the upper portion of the positioning rod, the positioning rod stay on the glass on the edge of the glass roller, to complete a level, the glass, glass by boosting glass cutting machine along the idler arrangement direction vertical position of the glass. 3. On the fixture positioning, causes the scaffold work, inside the cylinder rod mechanism driven by rising, fixed in two or more under the surface contact chuck and processing glass holder, open the solenoid valve on the air duct, to form vacuum generator under the effect of negative pressure suction cups, adsorption for processing glass, glass cleaning fixed, adjustment of the state of the positioning guide, 90 degrees counterclockwise positioning axis, positioning support bar positioning under axial positioning. 4. Open the sealing side at the end of the guide device, the sealing side device along the guide rail linear motion. Trimming device runs, fixed on the workbench to the glass edge trimming remove film processing. In 5. Besides edge grinding film, vacuum generator fixed units, through the cylinder and the rod mechanism make stent decline, make two or more suckers on the stent fall off from the glass surface, according to the position of glass processing need to adjust the glass processing again or through the drive mechanism into the next processing step in glass cutting machine.
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