The correct operation method of glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-07

Correct operation method of glass edging machine

  1.  Preparation before operation of glass edging machine: it is necessary for edging operators to wear protective equipment, gloves and rubber before going to work. When grinding large pieces of glass, it is necessary to wear a helmet. Read the production task list carefully. Before processing, the scale of semi-finished products should be carefully rechecked to prevent the fault of the previous process from continuing, and the appearance quality of the glass should be checked to prevent scratches and scales and corners that cannot be eliminated by grinding. When checking, the glass should pay attention to whether the semi-finished products can be processed.  If there are cracks, the edging processing cannot be carried out to prevent damage to equipment and personnel;

  2.   Precautions during the operation of the glass edging machine: during grinding, it is necessary to grind evenly, and the force should not be too strong to avoid grinding the glass;

  3.   After the operation of the glass edging machine: it is necessary to add barrier paper to the glass after edging when stacking the fine glass with particularly severe demand;

  4. Collect and return things to the box in time before coming off work, check whether the water and electricity switch is closed, and after cleaning the place, you can get off work. We should also do a good job in the daily maintenance of the glass edging machine, and check, adjust and proofread the grinding wheel every day. Circulating water should be cleaned, circulating pipes should be unblocked, and it is necessary to change water frequently. After the machine is turned on and stopped every day, the operator must do routine inspection.  The inspection contents include whether the grinding wheel is loose, the degree of wear, and whether the circulating water is cleaned. When grinding glass with different thickness, it is necessary to carry out trial grinding.
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