The cleaning technology of automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-06
Automatic glass cutting machine is also an important part of the cutting machine cleaning, cleaning process in the automatic glass cutting machine industry, it has played a large role, the use of this equipment is greatly shortens the time of use and also raised the efficiency, brings you a better experience. A simple cleaner can remove the surface dirt, but cannot wash inorganic materials such as grinding; Half water cleaner is different, they can not only remove organic pollutants (pops) such as asphalt, but also to the inorganic material such as flour has good cleaning effect. As a result, the subsequent cleaning unit of water-based cleaning agent cleaning pressure greatly reduced, half water cleaner is characterized by slow evaporation, smell is small, and half water detergent cleaning devices do not need to seal the unit condensate distillation recycling equipment, but as a result of a water-based cleaning agent of high viscosity, water-based cleaning agent used in the subsequent process with emulsification. Half water cleaner is mostly imported, the price is relatively expensive, since water-based cleaning device, a water-based cleaning process and solvent cleaning process basic same, advantage is cleaning speed, high efficiency.
glass machine are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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