The choice of edge grinder and how to grind frosted glass

by:Enkong     2022-07-15

1. Select the manufacturer.

There are nearly 100 domestic glass edging machine manufacturers, and among them, there are only more than 10 manufacturers with large production scale, stable product quality, perfect after-sales service system and high reputation. We must first choose these manufacturers when purchasing. The edging machines produced by these manufacturers are higher in price than those produced by small factories, but the quality and after-sales service are much better than those produced by small factories. For some technical problems, these manufacturers will also help you solve them in time. Generally, they are free during the warranty period. After the warranty period, the cost will be charged appropriately. If you are not satisfied with the purchased equipment, you can return or replace it.

In addition, it should be noted that if there are many types and quantities of edging machines to be purchased, it is best to use the same manufacturer, because doing so will provide more discounts for future production, management, and maintenance services. , The author learned about many glass product factories and found that the production equipment used by many manufacturers is produced by a few equipment manufacturers.

If the requirements for the grinding accuracy of glass products are not too high, you can consider purchasing edge grinding machines produced by some small factories, which can save the investment in purchasing equipment. Because the price of machines in small factories is relatively cheap, generally lower than those produced by large factories. 10%~20%.

If the processing scale of glass products is relatively large, the funds are relatively sufficient, and the precision of glass products is required to be high, and the production volume is large, you can consider purchasing several imported edging machines. Although imported machines are expensive, their processing accuracy is high. High, low failure rate, can take advantage of critical moments, some manufacturers of imported edge grinding machines are still in use for more than ten years, and the processing accuracy is still higher than domestic machines, so in a sense, buying imported machines is also quite cost-effective of.

Glass glass edging machine is mainly for grinding microcrystalline stone, laminated glue, marble, stone, and most importantly, it can grind glass. Have you heard of frosted glass? Frosted glass is ground with emery or chemically treated. The semi-transparent glass with rough surface is widely used in workshop glass. Then the glass edging machine will introduce how to grind frosted glass. In fact, frosted glass edging is also the common name of frosted glass. Edgers can grind all kinds of glass. As a common glass for home decoration, frosted glass can transmit light but cannot see the things inside. It is a kind of glass that improves personal privacy and is also a kind of decoration. When edging, be careful not to stain the hairy side, which is not easy to clean.

Glass is a very common material for home decoration. With the development of glass production technology, more and more different styles of glass enter the market and enter people's homes. I often hear people say frosted glass, what is frosted glass, and how to decorate frosted glass. What is the effect? ​​The glass glass edging machine manufacturer has compiled some relevant information to help you understand: [What is frosted glass] Frosted glass is also called frosted glass, anti-glare glass, etc. It is ground with emery or chemically treated. A kind of translucent glass with rough and uneven surface, which is commonly known as frosted glass. It is generally used on the doors and windows of the bathroom, and the glass in other rooms can also be used. After reflection, it shoots out in all directions (because the surface of the frosted glass is not a smooth plane, so the light produces diffuse reflection), and it is an incomplete image when it is refracted to the retina, so you can't see what's behind the glass. When the frosted glass is pasted with transparent With the adhesive tape, the surface of the frosted glass becomes flat again, and the light can be completely reflected, so a complete image is presented on the retina, so the eyes can see the object again. In addition, the frosted glass can be seen clearly with a damp cloth. [Benefits of frosted glass] 1. Create an atmosphere: frosted glass has only light transmittance and cannot see through because of its rough surface, which can make the indoor light soft and not dazzling, and can be used in places where a soft atmosphere needs to be created, such as restaurants, etc. 2. Privacy protection: Because frosted glass is not transparent, people outside cannot observe the indoor situation. It can be used for window glass in bathrooms and other parts that need to be concealed, which can better protect privacy and can also be used for glass ceilings. Frosted glass not only It can be used at home as well as in the office.

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