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The characteristics and principle of shaped glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-23
With the continuous improvement of labor costs, especially the accuracy requirement of the customer to product more and more strict, enterprises for safety, automation, product quality and efficiency requirements more and more is also high. Completely before the operation of manual cutting glass will be gradually replaced by the automatic and glass cutting machine. What are the technical features of shaped glass cutting machine? By the technical staff to introduce below shaped glass cutting machine features: 1. With single chip processing time per shift display and output statistics function, cutting pressure controlled by computer, good cutting quality. 2. Rack and pinion which adopt international famous brand high-quality products, excellent cutting precision and cutting speed. 3. With laser scanning positioning system and copy scans the input function, which can realize automatic copying cutting. 4. Complete protection measures, can make the equipment run for a long time. 5. Equipped with double side double location or unilateral simplex upper plate, gear transmission, safe and reliable. 6. Equipped with broken membrane, one key start.

the principle of the shaped glass cutting machine shaped glass cutting machine, for numerical control machine, also known as: glass engraving machine, punching machine, glass edge grinding machine, glass shaped glass cutting machine, slotting machine, precision glass molding machine. The concept was first put forward by shenzhen sea CNC, glass engraving machine and implementation, it is mainly used for fine processing of all kinds of ultra-thin glass, special cutting, technology is already very mature. Due to the development of the future electronic consumer market and demand, more and more digital electronic display using glass as a screen or touch screen. Glass processing principle: carved machining tool used by general diamond grinding head, with a 2400 - 40000 RPM of the spindle at high speed, the actual processing by grinding instead of cutting. Has special grinding head, which can realize the ultra-thin glass cutting, notching, fluctuation of disposable chamfering, accurate cutting, forming and chamfering, error control in the plus or minus 0. 02~±0. 5 mm, not break or damage to the glass edge. More according to the designed fixture, realize the continuous mass production.
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