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The cause of different cutting depth to cut glass

by:Enkong     2021-01-05
Under the glass cutting machine is used for glass processing and material of a kind of processing machinery, glass cutting machine including fore and aft permutation gas floating platform, build the overpass type cutting table. You may encounter when using glass cutting machine of the following, the depth of the glass cutting machine for cutting different degrees. The following is my solution about the problem and reason. Two-tone situation is likely to be the following: 1. Knife wheel or round holes, and cause the regularity of rolling jump. This kind of situation caused by the cutting more than bad performance for glass cutting line regularly a deep shallow, shaft can be changed for better solution. 2. Cutting mesa uneven of regional cutting depth too shallow or too deep. This kind of circumstance can generally consider cutting mesa scratchable latex, see when cutting problems which often appear in the grid, so this is the area of the table. Solution to the economic of replacement for the toothed wheel. Above is for glass cutting machine cutting depth of reason and solution. Want to produce high quality glass, must hold on good quality, effect of cutting depth is not at that time in a timely manner to eliminate problems, repair equipment.
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