The automatic glass cutting machine of dust removal

by:Enkong     2020-12-28
Glass cutting machine manufacturing enterprises in the production of glass cutting machine at the same time, also in constant technical reform and innovation, among them, the function of automatic glass cutting machine in a series of improvements, let's see, usually, when using it, need clarification regarding the features, only to master the specific characteristics, can play a better efficiency, meet the needs of daily production. Glass cutting more reasonable, cutting scheme optimization of diversity, each cutting scheme to use a knife, has the good function of import and export, convenient data paste, especially in the aspect of programming, stronger flexibility. Automatic glass cutting machine dust removal transformation, cutting stainless steel, automatic cutting chance to generate a large amount of dust, dust hood on cutting machine, make its instability, a lot of smoke jamming the line of sight of the operator. Casting billet cutting quality, to modify the original dust removal system is imperative, stainless steel cutting machine is equipped with dust cover, dust cover on both sides of the upper and lower opening, automatic glass cutting machine for each are equipped with a connecting pipe, two tube in the arc from horizontal to vertical bending down to merge together.
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