The automatic glass cutting machine component

by:Enkong     2021-01-06
General by fully automatic glass cutting machine cutting machine, cutting three parts, and computer control box bridge cutting machine by bracket, mesa, conveyor belt and transmission equipment, air cushion, etc. At the same time adopt brace desktop, desktop consists of steel column and steel beam, made of laminate desktop 3 - longitudinal Six transport, transport out-of-band exposed table covered with a mantle. On the table, there are many holes, these holes are connected to the air cushion bellows, the appearance of the conveyor belt is usually slightly lower than the felt surface, transport the glass, use lifting equipment to raise its, make its surface is slightly higher than the felt on the surface, the conveyor belt transmission equipment and lifting equipment installed at the bottom of the desktop. Air cushion device is composed of bellows duct, blower, etc, when cutting glass plate, start the fan, shutters, open air duct with a fan blowing into the bellows, the air in the air tank overflow from the holes on the desktop, and form a cushion, for ease of modifying the positions of glass, to avoid scratching the glass surface, glass lifts, cut glass closed when air duct shutter, glass on the table. Automatic glass cutting machine cutting bridge, cutting bridge is a bridge across cutting machine of the metal structure, support the metal outside the vertical cutting machine guide rail, next to the equipment on the guide rail has cutting and cutting of glass cutting wheel.
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