The application of the glass cutting machine technology is introduced

by:Enkong     2021-05-06
Glass cutting machine through the design of the rotating device, make glass in cutting machine cutting more convenient and simple, compared with others, not only improves the working efficiency of the automatic cutting machine, and reduce the security hidden danger, effectively preventing the operator by a good scratch while rotating glass glass parts, fixture design, can prevent the place on the fixed glass, affects the quality of the glass after cutting, simple to use, reduce the energy consumption and improving comprehensive utilization efficiency. Both sides of the glass cutting machine with the sliding guide rail is fixed, mobile mounted on the slide guide beam, moving beam connected to the slide guide rail, moving beam with a drive motor, at the bottom of the move beam in the middle with the slider, equipped with glass cutter fixed at the bottom of the tank. Glass cutting machine on the fixed seat is connected to the sliding chute, glass cutter by locking screws in the glass cutter fixed seat, glass cutter hose on one side of the fixed seat is equipped with the fixed block, the lower end of the hose fixed block is equipped with metal hose, metal hose down side is equipped with dust cover. Workbench side is equipped with the control cabinet, control cabinet upside sets control panel, control panel side is equipped with the stop button, the stop button and lower side is equipped with the controller, the controller connected to the drive motor respectively.
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