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The application of automatic shaped glass cutting machine cutting work

by:Enkong     2021-01-05
Glass needs to be made separately, according to the actual installation dimension so that each piece of glass is cut separately. In order to improve the production efficiency of hollow glass, and at the same time in order to ensure that special shape ( The rectangle) The quality of the glass cutting, automatic shaped glass cutting machine. Automatic shaped glass cutting machine is suitable for various corner arc cutting process requirements. By means of triaxial linkage machinery to complete the Angle positioning, cutting tool motion control linear velocity orientation and cutting path. The system is different from ordinary triaxial machinery, general triaxial mechanical Z, X, Y to form a three-dimensional space, and Z axis of a rotation axis, glass cutting machine mainly keep walking direction of the cutting tool Angle direction always and synthetic movement of X, Y axis direction are consistent, effectively guarantee the cutting efficiency and quality and prolonging the life of the cutting properties. At the same time, glass cutting machine three axle load is also different from the general system. In this project, three axis permit requirement is higher, motion control accuracy is higher, at the same time hope to parse machine design drawings and work independently, in order to achieve automatic standards.
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