The advantages of CNC glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2020-12-24
The advantages of CNC glass cutting machine firstly collected all kinds of glass equipment functions in an organic whole, solves the area of misery. Secondly a glass for multi-channel process equipment is used, the repositioning of intermediate will involve different equipment, whether the unified standard. Such as positioning error, finished products, easy to cause error and increase the rate of raw material scrap. Multi-channel processes, need people care work, increase the cost of human resources. According to design graphics automatically generate G code CNC glass machine, straight line, round, shaped, such as drilling, carving, frosted one-time completion, on the way according to the different lines, different process: equipment for automatic tool change. Achieve a person can see many sets of equipment, reduce the people see a device of the human resource cost. Due to the automatic identification of computer graphics, to automatically generate G code, greatly reduce the standard of choose and employ persons, junior high school diploma society, to reduce payrolls. Third glass processing center technology top, not universal access to the market at present, mainly in Europe and America, southeast Asia. Many domestic cities and small cities machining center did not hear a word. We all know the market difficult because there are many people do, there is no differentiation, in order to survive, the only product price differential, profit is not high, but not long. For glass processing center integrating device has many, can do instead of manual process, increase product innovation, quality, efficiency, and laid the groundwork for form differentiation in the market, to increase the order, the right to market pricing. Take a look at part of the CNC glass cutting machine processing finished products
Nowadays, the adoption of glass machine in glass machine manufacturer industry is quite common.
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