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The advantages of automatic ultrasonic glass cleaner

by:Enkong     2021-04-26
Is finding wider and wider application of glass machinery, let's learn about the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine what are the advantages of glass: 1, high precision, because ultrasonic energy can pass through tiny cracks and holes, so can be applied with any parts or assembled parts cleaning. For precision parts or assembled parts to be cleaned, ultrasonic cleaning often become the only can meet the special technical requirements of cleaning method. 2, quickness: ultrasonic cleaning relatively routine cleaning method is much faster in terms of workpiece dusting descaling. Cleaning can be no assembly must be removed. The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning can save labor force tend to make it become the most economic way of cleaning. 3, consistency: no matter be cleaning piece is big or small, simple or complex, single or batch or on automatic assembly line, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can get manual cleaning incomparable uniformity of cleanliness. Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic compression and expansion are analyzed theoretically, the bursting of cavitation bubble will produce more than 20000 ° F (10000 psi pressure and 11,000 °C) High temperature, and in its instant blast will burst quickly outward radiation. Energy released by a single cavitation bubble is very small, but a second clock inside the millions of cavitation bubble burst at the same time, the cumulative effect will be very strong, produce the powerful impact of contamination of the workpiece surface spalling, this is all the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning. If the ultrasonic energy is enough big, can throughout the clear lotion to produce cavitation phenomenon, so ultrasound can effectively clean the tiny cracks and holes. Cavitation also promotes the chemical reactions and accelerated the dissolution of surface film. But only in a certain area of the liquid pressure is lower than the gas pressure inside a bubble matches will produce cavitation phenomenon in the area, so the generated by the transducer of ultrasonic wave amplitude is large enough to satisfy this condition. The minimum power required to produce cavitation is called cavitation critical point. Different fluid cavitation critical point, so the ultrasonic energy must exceed the critical point to reach the cleaning effect. That is to say, only more energy than critical point to produce cavitation bubble, so that the ultrasonic cleaning. The importance of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic frequency when the working frequency is low ( In the human hearing range) Can produce noise. When the frequency is lower than 20 KHZ, work not only become large noise, and may be beyond the occupational safety and hygiene or its he the safe noise limit stipulated in the regulations. In high power need to remove dirt without considering the application of workpiece surface damage, usually choose from 20 KHZ to 30 KHZ range of low frequency is the frequency range of cleaning frequency are often used to the big and heavy parts or high density material of work piece. High frequency is usually used to smaller, more precision parts cleaning, or removal of small particles. High frequency is also used to be the application of workpiece surface is not allowed to damage. Using high frequency can improve the cleaning performance from several aspects. With the increase of frequency, the number of cavitation bubble in linear increase, resulting in a more intensive shock wave can make it into a smaller gap. If power remains the same, cavitation bubble is smaller, the release of energy corresponding to reduce, it effectively reduce the damage to the workpiece surface. High frequency of another advantage is that a reduced viscous boundary layer ( Mooring nuri effect) That enables the ultrasonic to 'find' tiny particles.
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