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The actual use of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-29

The glass glass cutting machine includes a worktable, a base is provided under the worktable, a control assembly is provided on one side of the worktable, a support rod is provided above the worktable, a shell is provided on the support rod, a motor is provided under the shell, and an output shaft is provided It is connected with the motor drive, and the output shaft is sleeved with a cutting wheel.

There is a water tank in the casing, a number of water pipes are set on the outer circumference of the motor, a water pump is arranged in the water tank, and the water tank is connected with the water pipe. Control the circulation of water in the water pipe, quickly dissipate heat, and improve the practicability of the glass cutting machine.

The two spraying parts are sleeved on the output shaft, the two spraying parts are connected with the fixing rod, the two fixing rods are connected with the connecting pipe, the spraying part includes a sleeve, and a bearing is arranged in the center of the sleeve , the output shaft passes through the bearing, and the gear is sleeved on the bearing.

When the workbench needs to be cleaned, when the water pump controls the water from the connecting pipe to enter the two sleeves, the water is sprayed from the nozzles in the corresponding sleeves to make the gear rotate, and the gear teeth can move the fixed block continuously , so that the nozzle swings continuously under the action of the torsion spring, so that the nozzle can clean the surface of the worktable back and forth, which improves the practicability of the glass cutting machine.

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