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Tell you cutting machine maintenance and maintenance

by:Enkong     2021-05-23
Cutting machine everyone not unfamiliar, through the interpretation of past small make up everyone should have some knowledge of cutting machine, so you know how to maintenance and maintenance of the cutting machine? Below, small make up of machinery co. , LTD. To tell you. 1, finished application tap water rinse studio and slag on the surface of the table and wipe dry. 2, regular cleaning mop plate and guide rail and guide rail drive screw on the oily be soiled, and filling lubricating oil in time. 3 work, after all, the blade forward 10 centimeters or so, to reset the rocker arm stroke switches. 4 after the whole machine, cutting machine use such as in a certain period of time not to use, should move the blades and fixture parts and some easy rusty parts inside the machine with a layer of lithium base grease. Daily maintenance and maintenance: 1. Every day must clean the machine tools and guide dirt, keep the bed clean, close air supply and power while going off work, at the same time emptying machine the residual air in the duct tape. 2. If leave the machine for a long time to turn the power off, in case of non-professional operation. 3. Observe the machine horizontal, vertical guide rail and the surface of the rack presence of lubricating oil, keep the good lubrication! 3. The weekly maintenance: 1. Every week to comprehensive cleaning machine, horizontal, vertical guide rail, gear and rack cleaning, filling grease. 2. Check whether the horizontal longitudinal rail wiper is normal work, such as abnormal change in time. 3. Check whether all the cutting torch is loose, clear the ignition gun of garbage, keep the ignition to normal. 4. If there are any automatically adjustable high device, detection is sensitive, whether to replace the probe. 5. Check whether plasma cutting nozzle and the electrode is damaged, whether to need to replace the nozzle and the electrode. Maintenance: 1 month and quarter. Check whether there is any trash on total air inlet, each valve and pressure gauge is working correctly. 2. Check whether all tracheal joint looseness, all belt have any damage. Tighten or replace if necessary. 3. Check all the transmission part whether is loose, check the status of gear and rack joint and to adjust as needed. 4. Loosen the tightening device, hand push block, whether, if there is any abnormal situation timely adjustment or replacement. 5. Check the clamping piece, steel belt and guide wheel for loosening and steel band elastic condition, adjust when necessary. 6. Check all button and select the performance of the switch, the replacement of damaged, finally draw comprehensive testing graphical detection precision of the machine. Above is machinery co. , LTD. Small make up to share with you about the cutting machine maintenance and maintenance method, hope everybody in this article.
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