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Talking about the state management of glass machinery equipment

by:Enkong     2021-04-10
The state management of glass machinery equipment refers to the correct use and careful maintenance of equipment, which is an important link in the management of glass machinery equipment. The length of service life, production efficiency and working accuracy of glass machinery and equipment depends on the structure and accuracy of the glass machinery and equipment itself, but it also depends on its use and maintenance to a large extent. The correct use of the equipment can maintain the good technical condition of the equipment, prevent abnormal wear and tear, avoid sudden failures, prolong the service life, and improve the efficiency of use; and the meticulous maintenance of the equipment can play a'health care' effect on the equipment. It can improve its technical status, delay the deterioration process, eliminate hidden dangers in the budding state, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment. To this end, it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities and work content of the factory and the users for the use and maintenance of the equipment, and establish the necessary rules and regulations to ensure the implementation of the various measures for the use and maintenance of the equipment. The state management of glass machinery equipment includes: formulating equipment integrity standards, basic requirements for equipment use, equipment operation and maintenance procedures, daily maintenance and regular maintenance of equipment, equipment spot inspection, equipment lubrication, equipment status detection and fault diagnosis, and regional maintenance responsibility system , Carry out mass equipment maintenance competitions and appraisal activities, equipment accident emergency plans, equipment accident handling, etc.

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