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Talking about the repair technology of glass machinery

by:Enkong     2021-05-06
Most of the failed glass mechanical parts and equipment can be repaired. Reasonable use of repair technology in glass machinery repair work is of great significance. Generally speaking, it is more economical to repair parts than to replace new parts, which can reduce the reserve of spare parts, reduce the manufacturing of replacement parts, save resources and costs, and reduce the downtime of fault maintenance. The equipment required for the repair process is generally not expensive and most companies can afford it. Therefore, the maintenance department of the enterprise should be equipped with a certain technical force and equipment, develop its own repair technology, and use socialized and professional equipment maintenance companies. Technical expertise will receive very good technical and economic effects. There are many types of repair processes, and the more commonly used methods include scraping, grinding, mechanical repair, plastic deformation, electroplating spraying, welding, viscosity, etc. The following factors should be considered when selecting the repair process: ①The applicability of the material of the part. ②The thickness of the repair layer can be reached. ③The influence on the physical properties of parts. ④The influence on the strength of parts. ⑤ Influence on the accuracy of parts. ⑥ Some repairing processes will also be subject to the limits of the part structure. In recent years, technologies such as electroplating, spraying, welding, and viscosity have developed greatly, and they have been widely used in equipment maintenance, greatly improving the technical level and scope of application of glass machinery parts repair.
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