Talking about the function of glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-11

Talking about the function of the glass beveling machine, the general glass beveling machine is suitable for grinding the straight edges and 45° corners of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. It integrates rough edges, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes at one time. , And adopts stepless variable speed adjustment, wide adjustable range, stable speed change; during the grinding process, the feed speed and feed amount can be adjusted arbitrarily; the front guide rail can be adjusted to change the thickness of the processed glass.

   glass beveling machine has automatic clamping, voltage stabilization and other systems, advanced structure, high accuracy, convenient operation, high work efficiency and other advantages. Equipped with manual and automatic operation multiple model designs, and various combinations of grinding heads.

   Now the glass beveling machine is widely used in the secondary processing of glass, and it is mainly used to process the bevel and bottom of flat glass. The front and rear connecting plates are made of thickened steel plates, which are strong in rigidity, stable in transmission, and high in processing accuracy. The transmission speed is adjusted by a stepless side speeder. The speed selection range is large, the operation is simple, and the practicability is strong. For its application fields, such as automotive glass, architectural glass, decorative glass, home appliance glass, furniture glass, tempered glass, hot-bent glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, art glass, special glass, etc., all must be processed by a glass beveling machine . A piece of glass can present a different shape and appearance, which is the result of the glass beveling machine.

Installation requirements of    glass beveling machine

   1. Ensure that the ground is flat during installation, and ensure that all angles of the machine are level after installation, otherwise it will affect the processing effect.

  2. Ensure that the electrical connection is correct, such as foreign special industrial voltage 415V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, if the electrical connection is wrong, it may cause the motor on the edge mill or the electrical cabinet Electrical appliances burned out.

  3. The glass beveling machine works under the condition of water and electricity. Customers should judge whether the water supply of the floor water tank configured by the factory is sufficient according to their own processing capacity.

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