Talking about the correct use of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-11

Talking about the correct method of using the glass edging machine. If you have just purchased the glass glass edging machine, you need to have a running-in period in the process of starting to use it. What kind of method should we master when we use it and in the future maintenance process? The following editor will explain to you the correct use of the glass edging machine and the maintenance measures in the future.

1. Pay attention to the grinding situation at any time when using the glass glass edging machine. Keep the water tank with sufficient cooling water and clean water quality at all times to avoid burning the grinding wheel and glass, glass glass cutting machine, and keep the waterway unblocked. Before each shift of grinding work, check whether all travel switches are working properly and whether the control direction is correct. If not, If the control direction is wrong, stop the machine for inspection immediately, otherwise the machine will be fatally damaged.

2. When using a glass edging machine, safety is very important. In addition, timely maintenance and correct use can increase the life of the machine, improve product quality and increase product production efficiency. Research before purchasing the machine. It is best to visit several equipment manufacturers before purchasing a certain type of glass oblique line edging machine, and compare the quality, price, service, etc. of each factory, and you can go further until you have purchased and used it. The counterparts of similar equipment should know the usage of some equipment, so that they can know what they are buying. Choose carefully when buying the machine. It is best to let the manufacturer try grinding several kinds of glass with different thicknesses and sizes. Vibration, water leakage, etc.). If any problem is found, the manufacturer shall solve it or change it in time. When purchasing new equipment, the relevant personnel in the factory should be selected to participate in the equipment operation training provided by the Li Machinery Factory, so that they can operate correctly and maximize the effectiveness of the equipment when they are used in the future. Sufficient accessories are available to ensure production. When buying the machine, buy more necessary accessories (glass glass cutting machine) to eliminate the impact on production due to insufficient spare parts during the use of the equipment.

The above is the correct operation method of the glass edging machine explained by the editor. The correct operation method can better extend the service life of the glass edging machine. If you have any questions or needs in this regard, you can call us and we will have professional staff to answer you. Thank you for your support.

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