Straight edge grinding machine and the multi-stage grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-02-23
There are many kinds of glass edge grinding machine, should be the highest use of multistage edge grinding machine and the straight edge grinding machine. Two machines have their own respective advantages, are two indispensable equipment in glass processing. Below compare these two kinds of edge grinding equipment: multistage glass edge grinding machine multistage side edge grinding machine is suitable for the grinding of different size and thickness of plate glass straight and 45 ° edges, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing, chamfering process such as a worker, in 0 ° - Adjusted Angle between 45 °, adjusted in the process of cutting grinding feed rate and feed, adjust the thickness of front guide rail transformation processing glass, with a touch screen Angle and width of chamfering, automatic grinding can be accurately set before the various parameters of the chamfering. Generally speaking, there are 9 10 grinding head grinding head/multilevel edge grinding machine. Multistage edge grinding machine grinding side effect: glass straight edge grinding machine, straight edge machine used for processing the lower side of the plate glass and edges and corners of grinding and polishing. Board before the use of special adjustable clamp, grinding head plate adopt and yan bo full tail slide plate, processing speed can be adjusted, and has a good rigidity, small vibration, easy to debug, high precision, etc. Generally speaking, there are 4 grinding head / 8 9 grinding head grinding head / / 10 grinding head straight edge machine. The linear edge grinding machine grinding side effects:
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