Special-shaped glass beveling machine is used for?

by:Enkong     2021-01-01
Usually glass beveling machine is suitable for grinding different size and thickness of plate glass straight and 45 ° abilities, set the coarse and fine grinding, polishing and chamfering etc. Completion of a work sequence, and choose stepless control, adjustable size, smooth speed; In the grinding process can be arbitrarily regulate feed speed and feed; Tones the guide change before processing glass thickness. Glass beveling machine has active clamping, voltage regulator, such as system, leading structure, high accuracy, convenient operation, working efficiency advantages. Equipped with hand, operating a variety of aircraft design, grinding head combination forms, now the glass beveling machine in the secondary processing of glass is very extensive, it is mainly used for processing bevel edge and bottom edge of flat glass. Even before and after the board selects the thickening steel, strong rigidity, smooth transmission, high machining accuracy, choose side of stepless speed regulate the transmission speed and speed selected size, simple operation and strong practicability. For its use category, such as automobile glass, construction glass, decorate glass, electric glass, furniture glass, toughened glass, hot bending glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, art glass, special glass processing are through glass beveling machine and so on. A piece of glass can appear a different shape, appearance is glass beveling machine merits and accomplishments. 1 glass beveling machine equipment demand. Device needs to ensure that the flat on the ground, each point of the device to ensure the machine level, otherwise it will affect the effect of processing. 2. To ensure accurate contact abroad such as special industrial voltage 415 v / 50 hz, 220 v / 50 hz, 220 v / 60 hz, make mistakes, if jump may cause ark of edge grinding machine motor or electric box electric burn. 3. Glass beveling machine is under the condition of the water electricity, customers according to their processing capacity to determine the ground water tank water supply plant and equipment is not enough.
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