Smooth cleaning of polishing agent and water spray pipe of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-05-04
The inlet cleaning machine uses aluminum or cerium oxide aqueous solution as a polishing agent, which is added to the scouring process of the disk brush through the spray pipe between the upper roller table. As the solid aqueous polishing agent is used, when the concentration is too high, it is easy to cause the nozzle to block. When the polishing agent nozzle is observed to be blocked during use, it should be cleared in time and the concentration of the polishing agent after dilution should be adjusted. Follow the steps below to clean the polish and spray pipe. 1. Remove the block plate of the glass edging machine, raise the upper roller table of the glass edging machine, turn off the power supply and the water supply valve. 2. Loosen the fixing bolts at both ends of the nozzle and remove the nozzle. 3. Use a high-pressure water gun to drive pure water from the inlet of the nozzle into the nozzle to form water pressure, observe the water output of each nozzle, and use a paper clip to clear it. 4. Clean the nozzle, install it back to the original place, tighten the bolts, and pay attention to the nozzle direction to keep the same before disassembly and washing. Cleaning and adjustment of the air knife drying area The last water tank of the glass edging machine is filled with high-purity water that has been heated (the temperature is about 45°C), so the water stains attached to the surface of the original glass can be affected by the high strength of the air knife after entering the drying area The wind is blown away and evaporated. The air knife blade and the plane of the original glass sheet are at a certain acute angle. Every time the air knife is disassembled or changed, the angle must be measured and kept unchanged. 1. Clean up glass debris, labels, paper jams and other dirt in the dry area, and wipe the air knife, roller table and other parts with a clean cotton cloth to ensure cleanliness. 2. Remove the primary filter plate and secondary filter bag for the fan, blow out the dust inside with compressed air, check for damage or blockage, and replace it regularly. 3. Use a saw blade to penetrate into the wind knife edge, and check whether there is filter bag fiber and other debris blocking the knife edge. Through the production practice of the past few years, we have realized that as long as the entrance cleaning machine is maintained and maintained in accordance with the above procedures on a regular basis, under the normal conditions of the process, the cleaning effect of the original glass can be ensured to a greater extent, and the coating can be guaranteed The quality of glass products is stable.
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