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Smart glass cutting machine accurate cutting requirements

by:Enkong     2020-12-31
Smart glass cutting machine including cutting machine base, the base is equipped with the workbench, the workbench is equipped with longitudinal beams, beam with horizontal direction installation, before installing a box with the knife, knife box upside sets motor, knife box bottom is equipped with cutter, cutting knife is perpendicular to the table layout. Beam profile has a set of stator, the stator for N pole at one end, on the other side for the S pole, end-to-end decorate, top and bottom of the beam profile set respectively with guide rail, the beam of the upper is equipped with magnetic scales, in contrast with the stator installation on the inner surface of a mobile device, the actuator with the stator, when electricity using magnetic drive installed along the beam lateral movement. In corresponding to the upper and lower guide rail installation set in the inner surface of the slider, sliding block and guide rail to cooperate, make install move along the guide rail, the inner surface of the inductive probe and the installation of mobile sensor faces match, the inductive sensor and mobile sensor installation face matching. Lateral is equipped with a set of pulley on both ends of the beam, pulley and belt pulley rotates, the inside at the ends of the beam, respectively, set up a group of concave roll, concave roll through the transmission device with pulley, pulley drive concave roller rotation.
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