Six points of attention to glass washing machine washing

by:Enkong     2021-04-26
1. The first thing to remind everyone is about the operating sequence of the glass edging machine, especially the sequence of the blower and the heater. Remember, you should turn on the blower first and then turn on the heater when you turn on the machine; and when you turn off the equipment, Turn off the heater first, then turn on the blower.   2. When the thickness of the glass plate is changed, adjust the height of the wind knife first, otherwise it will cause damage.   3. Before stopping the transmission motor, adjust the speed regulator to zero first.   4. Generally, an emergency stop button is set on the console. Therefore, when the operation encounters an emergency, we can press the emergency button.   5. When cleaning the glass, be sure to place the glass within the limit range of the feeding section.  6. When discharging water into the washing tank, the water level cannot exceed 250mm. For this reason, we can discharge water in time when the water level reaches 200mm.

The powerful role of optimized cutting software in glass deep processing

With the development of my country's glass industry, the technology of glass deep processing has become increasingly mature. In the deep processing of glass, glass cutting is an indispensable and most basic process, so how should we do this process? To do a good job in the glass cutting process, a good operator is the key. On the other hand, a good optimization software is also necessary. It can help the operator find the best glass cutting plan, not only can make full use of materials, and reduce the overall cost of processing. At the lowest level, it also produces direct economic savings for the enterprise. In summary, it has to be said that optimization software is particularly important in the deep processing of glass. Having good optimization software is the advantage of an enterprise.

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