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Sharp peak multi-functional glass cutting machine integrating on cutting to break off the pills

by:Enkong     2021-05-01
Glass machinery co. , LTD is specializes in glass processing equipment, research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, is one of the industry in the early production of glass processing equipment manufacturers, long-term cooperation with scientific research departments, jointly developed glass cutting machinery, including automatic glass cutting machine technology in the advanced level in the industry. Sharp front glass machinery this year advocate hit is a glass cutting equipment - — Multi-functional glass cutting machine, multi-function refers to a device set glass automatic, automatic cutting, automatic bye ( Open) At an organic whole, according to introducing, sharp front glass machinery is the three feature sets will be at an organic whole, because cutting large glass when artificial handling may produce a certain risk, and the safety of the equipment can save manpower, without risk, and form a complete set of advanced mechanical structure in treasure Aaron or micro quick cutting and system optimization software, greatly improving the stability of the cutting machine and glass cutting quality and optimize the rate, accord with the requirement of glass deep processing enterprises pursue efficiency and quality. In addition, the glass cutting equipment not only cover an area of an area small, simple and safe operation, high speed, high precision and can be controlled by a remote control command 360 degrees of freedom to walk in the shop, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the more flexible, and currently the industry can achieve this function only sharp front glass machinery. The device can be used in the architectural glass, automotive glass, craft glass, round piece of glass, decorative glass, ambry glass coated glass, electric glass, solar glass, kitchen, bathroom glass, glass lens, arts and crafts glass, mirror glass and so on all kinds of glass cutting operation. It is understood that the device is composed of independent research and development of sharp front glass machinery, has received more than 20 national patents, including cutting machine head, under the knife, positioning, 360 degrees of freedom to walk, and so on, won the national patent. With the 'reliable quality, service is supreme' the production and business enterprise principle of management, won the market recognition, and a multi-functional glass cutting machine not only after the launch was welcomed by domestic cities and even foreign such as Russia, Africa, the United States and other countries and regions also have sales, and wherever has been consistent customer recognition and trust.
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