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Shaped glass cutting machine industrial use

by:Enkong     2021-01-02
The current domestic production of glass processing machinery and technology are introduced from abroad large processing machinery and equipment, cutting method of the single, all are standard glass material or die cutting, the small make up take you to get to know different glass cutting machine industrial use. Shaped glass cutting machine consists of fuselage, locating piece, measuring tool, cutting tool, work table and so on, its characteristics is due to the base by 4 to 10 mm x 8 mm bolt on the lower end of the arm, the other end of the arm and the nut side welding casting, make the positioning screw nut through the arm, through the positioning hole, and the calibration board ( Using the lock on the protractor and plate tag hole) And locating center, fixed method for buckles, turn the handwheel to complete glass Angle and the size of the positioning. Due to the orientation of the machine adopts screw, center, tray and activity index plate, ruler, 2 mm - can cut different shapes 8 mm glass, such as horizontal line, perpendicular line, rectangle, square, triangle, circle, ellipse, curve and so on, has wide use range, a good way to reduce material waste and save energy. First place to cut materials ( Glass) , turn the handwheel, make the positioning screw driving position center in place, dial ( Protractor, lock hole mark) On the scale, measure the cutting size or point of view, supported by positioning tray, locating center on any shape of cutting material, handle push method of cutting tool, to complete the whole cutting process of the invention.
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