Shaped glass cutting machine how to cleaning

by:Enkong     2020-12-28
How to clean shaped glass cutting machine? Glass cutting machine cleaning is very important, so we think this is a very important thing, in fact, the reality is often the opposite, cleaning of shaped glass cutting machine is just the beginning, after the completion of the there are still many problems to be solved. Types of brush cleaning after plate glass in a vertical glass washing machine, the driven roller glass into the washing room, brush with water spray, then add the washing room, rinse with water. Then add the air drying chamber with special high pressure centrifugal fan thoroughly stripped water film, dry cleaned after mania, effect is remarkable, the vertical glass washing machine, has the characteristics of energy saving, but also is to have noise. Ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic vertical glass washing machine is mainly composed of the following parts: water tank cleaning, washing, stainless steel parts manufacturing, and installation of heating and temperature control device. Cleaning the bottom of the groove type ultrasonic transducer. Transducer ( Ultrasonic generator) : electrical energy into mechanical energy of piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the frequency, output power according to the specific type.
the structure of the shaped glass cutting machine
shaped glass cutting machine mainly consists of two parts of the electrical and mechanical and control system. Mechanical part includes: the workbench, rack/guide, knife wheel, workbench, tool post, transmission device, transmission system, knife, oil supply way, positioning device. Electric parts including the control system, voltage, controller, control cable, drag chain, relays and circuits. Shaped glass cutting machine mechanical parts: 1, mesa: adopt waterproof board. 2, rack/guide: imported products, high precision linear motion for X, Y direction. 3, knife wheel: made in Germany, important cutting parts, install glass cutting head. 4, mesa, is full of porosity, floating on the surface of linoleum, use a black felt pad. 5, tool post: pneumatic, adjustable pressure, to adapt to the different thickness and strength of glass cutting, achieve the best cutting effect. 6, conveying equipment: air floating workbench ( Is the conveyor belt device with a workbench) Convenient, the movement of the glass, reduce the workload of workers. 7, the transmission system: adopt Japan yaskawa servo system, equipment and reliable, without bias and efficient. 8, knife: air pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, cutting up and down. Can cut any shape of the glass, the straight, round, special-shaped, ensure glass cutting without any problems. 9, oil: oil automatic filling equipment, oil pressure can be adjusted. 10, positioning device, laser scanning positioning system ( The location of the laser scanning can accurately scan glass, so as to improve the accuracy of glass cutting, pay attention to the template scan function) 。
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