Set the glass cutter with the focus on speed

by:Enkong     2020-12-28
Glass cutting machine has a certain speed at runtime. Speed setting is more important. Only the appropriate cutting speed can cut glass very well. Here are the running speed of glass cutting machine set focus make a simple introduction, hope can give you help. 1, when the speed is very low, because of the wide incision arc may even go out. Thus, good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable. 2, when the cutting speed is too low, due to the anode is the plasma arc cutting, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself and the anode spots or anode area must near the near the arc cutting seam find conduction current place. At the same time to jet flow of radial transfer more heat and thus make the incision width and incision on both sides of the molten material in bottom flange and solidified, form is not easy to clean, hang slag and incision on the edge formed by heat melt too much rounded corners. 3, cutting too fast makes the cutting line energy is lower than the required quantity, slitting cutting jet will be fast enough to melt in the melt blowing off immediately after to form a larger amount of drag, accompanied by incision, hang slag notch surface quality decline. 4, moderately increase the cutting speed can improve the quality of incision, namely a slightly narrow incision, incision surface more smooth, and can reduce the deformation.
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