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Selection of types of edging machines and main applications of special-shaped edging machines

by:Enkong     2022-07-16

There are many types of edging machines, how to choose should be selected according to the characteristics of the processed products, production scale, etc. Here, taking the edge grinding machine as an example, the edge grinding machines that can grind the edges include special-shaped machines, straight line edge machines, and molds. How to choose, must be combined with the requirements of the processed product, if the designed and processed product is round, oval or other special-shaped glass, then only the special-shaped machine or the molding machine can be selected (because the straight line The edge machine can not grind round or special-shaped workpieces).

If there are many types of products designed and processed and the batch is small, it is more appropriate to choose a special-shaped machine, because the special-shaped machine is more convenient to replace products, and the price of the machine is relatively cheap. The machine is more suitable, because the production efficiency of the mold machine is high, and it is easy to ensure the processing accuracy.

If the product designed and processed is rectangular, rectangular glass, and glass edging machine, only the straight-line rounding machine or the straight-line double rounding machine (because the special-shaped machine and the moulding machine generally cannot grind the straight rounded edge), when the product accuracy requirements When the production volume is not very high and the production batch is not too large, the general linear round edge machine can be selected (because its price is low). Suitable.

The synchronous belt of the glass glass edging machine is composed of an endless belt with equidistant teeth on the inner peripheral surface and a corresponding wheel. It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. The belt tooth meshes with the tooth slot of the wheel to transmit power. The transmission synchronous belt drive has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, and a constant speed ratio can be obtained. The transmission is stable, can absorb vibration, low noise, and a large transmission ratio range. Up to 1:10, the specific characteristics are as follows: .

1) Accurate transmission, no slippage during operation, and constant transmission ratio.

2) The transmission is stable, with buffering, vibration damping ability and low noise.

3) The transmission efficiency is high, up to 0.98, the energy saving effect is obvious, the maintenance is convenient, no lubrication is required, and the maintenance cost of the glass glass edging machine manufacturer is low.

4) The speed ratio range is large, generally up to 10, the linear speed can reach 50m/s, and it has a large power transmission range, which can reach several watts to hundreds of kilowatts.

5) Compared with V-belt transmission, the preload force is small, and the load on the shaft and bearing is small.

6) It can be used for long-distance transmission, and the center distance can reach more than 10m.

With the improvement of human living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for furniture are also getting higher and higher. At this moment, glass has become an accessory in furniture and plays the most important role in embellishment. Those shapes Various glass coffee tables, TV counter tops, hot pot countertops, dining table countertops, etc. have gradually become important members of furniture, but these various shapes of glass are processed by special-shaped glass edging machines.

The special-shaped glass edging machine is suitable for grinding and polishing the arc edge, duckbill edge, bevel edge and other edge shapes of flat glass of various shapes. It can automatically grind round glass. When processing glass of different sizes, The installation and adjustment work is convenient and fast.

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