Selection of glass edge polishing abrasives for various glass edging machines

by:Enkong     2021-04-18
1) Straight-line round edge machine. Usually use BK series polishing abrasives and BD series polishing abrasives. (2) Glass car engraving machine. Usually, special polishing tools for glass engraving machines are used. Its specifications can be divided into two types according to the type of machine. (3) Straight line beveling machine. Generally use 10S series polishing abrasives and wool felt polishing abrasives. The commonly used 10S series polishing abrasives are the specifications of the bottom wheel, see Table 1 for details. Wool felt polishing tools should be used in conjunction with cerium oxide polishing powder. (4) Other edging machines and special edging machines. In addition to the above glass edging machines, there are also some edging machines with simple structure and single purpose, such as chamfering machines, small disc machines, portable edging machines, etc. In addition, there are some special edging machines, such as straight-line double edging machine and wash basin edging machine. Model edging machine, etc. The types of polishing abrasives they use are generally similar to the several polishing abrasives for edge grinding machines introduced above, but the specifications are different. When choosing, you should choose the corresponding polishing tools and specifications according to the shape, characteristics, brightness of the glass edge to be processed, and the type of edging machine. (5) Single-arm special-shaped edging machine. When polishing straight edges, round edges, duckbill edges and wavy edges of glass, BD series polishing abrasives and BK series polishing abrasives are generally used. Table 3 of their common specifications. The thickness of the polishing tool is generally selected according to the thickness of the glass to be polished. When polishing the special-shaped beveled edge of glass, 10S series polishing abrasives and wool felt polishing abrasives are generally used. Wool felt polishing abrasives should also be used with cerium oxide polishing powder. Their selection method is the same as that of the straight beveling machine. (6) Straight-line edging machine. Generally, 10S series or 9R series polishing tools are used. The elasticity and polishing performance of 10S series polishing tools are better than those of 9R series polishing tools. Therefore, most domestic glass deep processing manufacturers are using 10S series polishing tools. There are two types of 10S series polishing tools and 9R series polishing tools. One is a bottom edge polishing wheel for polishing the bottom edge of glass, and the other is a chamfer polishing wheel for polishing glass chamfering. As the hardness of 9R series polishing tools is harder than that of 10S series polishing tools, it has the characteristics of strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency and long service life. For some furniture glass and craft glass processing, high brightness is required, and cerium oxide polishing abrasives are often used.
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