Safe operation process of glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-22
With the development of industrial automation, the traditional manual dispensing method has gradually been replaced by the automatic dispensing machine. The automatic dispensing machine has the advantages of accurate operation, fast efficiency and good quality, and plays a key role in realizing mass production of enterprises. As an important mechanical equipment, glass edging machine has strict requirements in operation. Safety precautions for glass edging machine: 1. Before starting up the glass edging machine, check whether the equipment is clean and has moisture and other factors that directly affect the operation of the equipment. 2, work with gloves, wear overalls, do not let foreign objects get on the hands or body, in case of trouble or damage. 3. The operating space of the glass edging machine should be large enough. Do not pile too many things next to the equipment, and do not put any other items on the equipment to avoid hindering the operation. 4. In the working state, it is not allowed to contact the moving parts such as the glass edging head, the glass edging mouth, and the glass edging machine to prevent accidents. 5, in the event of an accident, you can press the front of the fuselage'Emergency stop'Emergency switch, let the equipment stop running immediately. 6. Regularly test the safety performance of the equipment, such as grounding resistance, to avoid unsafe phenomena such as leakage. The above content is about the operating procedures and safety precautions of the glass edging machine. I believe everyone already knows something about it. The operation of the glass edging machine should be strictly in accordance with the relevant steps and precautions to avoid irregular operation damaging the equipment and endangering its own safety.
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