Routine maintenance of the fast loading table

by:Enkong     2022-07-13

Our fast loading table also needs to be maintained on a daily basis, which is also to make it last longer.

We need to wipe the screen with a soft cloth before booting. If water drops on our screen, it may cause our software to stop working. This is Because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics, we need to wipe the water off. The touch screen controller can automatically determine whether there is dust. If the dust accumulates too much, it will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen. We only need to wipe it with a dry cloth.

We can also use glass cleaner to clean the touch screen, including fingerprints and oil stains, etc.; we also need to strictly control the power switch.

We also need to look at the environment. We need to regularly clean the reflective stripes and inner surfaces of the touch screen on the head of the machine. These are also more important for our machine work.

If the fast loading table fails, when we need to check, we must remember to unplug the power first and then check, otherwise, if it restarts itself during the check, then for us The safety of the inspection staff cannot be guaranteed.

The above are some of the daily maintenance work of the fast loading table. I hope the article of the editor can give you some help and reference value.

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