Repair work plan for glass machinery

by:Enkong     2021-04-01
Tools, inspection tools, and research tools are important means to ensure the repair quality of glass machinery. The precision requirements of inspection tools and research tools are high, and the tool management personnel should place an order to the tool shop. The preparation of the blanks of tools, inspection tools, and research tools and the blanks of self-made parts shall be included in the assessment of the enterprise's production plan. After the tools, inspection tools, and research tools have been manufactured, they shall be inspected by a metrological department with corresponding verification qualifications according to their accuracy levels, and the verification records shall be attached before they can be put into storage. The repair operation plan is a specific action plan for organizing repair construction operations. Its goal is to reduce the number of rest days under the premise of ensuring quality with the most economical manpower and time, so as to complete the repair tasks on schedule or in advance. The repair operation plan is prepared by the planner of the repair unit, and the major mechanical and electrical technicians and repairmen (group) leaders are organized to discuss and approve. For the overhaul of small and medium-sized equipment with an uncomplicated structure, a sequential operation plan can be used and necessary text descriptions should be added; for the overhaul of high-precision, large, and key equipment with a complex structure, a network plan should be adopted. The main basis for the preparation of the repair operation plan is: the repair content, process, technical requirements and quality standards specified in various repair technical documents; the fixed-hour quota and the number of rest days specified in the repair plan; the ability and technical level of the repair unit's related types of work and equipment conditions; Possible operating site, lifting and transportation, energy and other conditions.
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