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Rectangular glass cutting machine operation

by:Enkong     2021-05-04
In the existing technology, rectangular glass cutting is generally in the horizontal and vertical directions, more common are separate cutting, driven by hydraulic device, in this way, the whole operation process is very unstable, the efficiency is low, its cutting device will be very large, covering an area of big, and will consume large amounts of electricity, therefore, need a way to cut rectangular glass small glass cutting machine, easy to operate. Rectangular glass cutting machine through the boom is installed on the ceiling, the entire unit is located directly above the glass conveyor belt, it will be cut glass to the right in the cutting machine, start the rotary motor, drive the slider through transmission block rotation, because in the front of the rotating rod rectangular connector connected to the slide block rotation, sliding block can only be vertical on the slider to move. When the slider in situ rotating, rotating rod will be rotated in the slide block moves back and forth, spring can guarantee rotating rod move more smoothly. Slider path ensures that the both side of the rectangular glass, when slider on both ends of the slider run, driven by rotating rod, the slider along the slippery course of the horizontal direction of movement, to ensure the levelness of the rectangular glass on both sides of the up and down. Rectangular glass cutting machine including two fixed slide rail, the horizontal slider and transmission device, two fixed slide rail parallel to each other, both ends fixed crane tower, the ends of the slider with hollow sliding block, a hollow sliding block can slide set on the slider, two fixed slide rail and install diagonal fixed on the diagonal, between two lifting of the installation incline.
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