Rearview mirror glass cutting machine use from time to tome what is need to be aware of?

by:Enkong     2021-01-05
With a rear view mirror glass cutting machine cutting operation has certain difference with ordinary glass cutting machine, due to the laser power density has great influence to the cutting speed, the choice of the lens focal length is an important problem. After focusing the laser beam spot size and short focal length lens focusing lens is proportional to the beam spot size is small, after the focus of high power density, cutting material is very good, but the downside is short depth of field adjustment allowance is very small, generally suitable for high speed cutting thin materials. Due to the long focal length lens has a broad focus depth, as long as there is enough power density is sufficient to suitable for cutting thick workpiece. In determining the coke after long focal length and the relative position, guarantee the quality of cutting on the surface of the workpiece is particularly important. Due to the highest power density in the focus, in most cases, the focus position on cutting surface or just below the surface. So in the whole cutting process, ensure that the focus of the artifacts and location relatively constant is vital to guarantee the stability of cutting quality. Sometimes the camera work, focal length changes caused by the cold and hot is not good, this needs us to adjust the focal length position. Rearview mirror glass cutting machine, the best cutting speed can get the best cutting effect. Applied in most cases, the focus should be adjusted at the bottom of the nozzle of the beam, the rearview mirror glass cutter space between nozzle and workpiece surface in 1. About 8 mm.
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