Purchase and maintenance of glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-07

There are two ways to choose the glass beveling machine.

1: First of all, from the perspective of the structure and performance of the machine:

The most important thing about the machine is that it is practical and durable. , Simple and easy to repair. The knowledgeable watch the doorway, the layman watch the excitement. You can compare more, look more, and ask why you know how to choose.

There is also a high-end bevel edge grinding machine: the front beam lift type, the smallest glass of our factory can be ground 14X14MM, realizes the grinding of large and small glass. The most practical beveling machine that is straight and upright.

2: From the perspective of the glass edging effect:

Don’t have outer triangles, don’t have inner triangles, diagonals should be straight, and no white spots on the opposite corners. Especially the wide line from the oblique side of the long glass should be straight, and the four diagonal corners should be at least three pairs, and there is a corner error within plus or minus 0.5mm. Speed u200bu200bis also the main factor you have to consider. Heshi nine-head bevel glass edging machine can grind the 30mm wide bevel width to three meters per minute, and the effect can reach the brightness of the parent body.

How durable is an edge grinding machine:

1: Accuracy 2: Maintenance 3: Waterproof, machines without accuracy will only get worse with use, just like human physique, The higher the accuracy, the easier it is to use. Maintenance can reduce machine wear and extend service life. Waterproof is even heavier.

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