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Prospects for increased use of glass products

by:Enkong     2021-04-08
In recent years, the production of glass machinery has increased, and the widespread use of glass products has also greatly stimulated the market demand for glass machinery. As the glass market increases with high-quality and high-end float glass original sheets and the functional requirements for glass safety, energy saving, environmental protection, fire protection, decoration, etc., the processed glass market is heating up day by day. In recent years, my country's flat glass industry has seen a gratifying situation of new lines, more technological transformation projects, and accelerated pace of transition. This has greatly stimulated the demand for my country's glass machinery market. Some glass machinery companies have made significant progress in the introduction of foreign float glass cold-end technology and a series of key research and development projects arranged by the state. The level of process design has been rapidly improved, and the processing and testing methods of glass machinery product manufacturers have been improved. Good transformation and improvement have effectively promoted the technological progress of my country's glass machinery industry. As the processed glass market heats up, the market demand for processed glass machinery is steadily increasing. Now people have higher and higher requirements for glass, which is not only beautiful and durable, but also has other functional characteristics such as safety and fire resistance. , So the glass production process requirements are also higher.
Precautions for the operation of glass drilling machine
1. Glass is a fragile item, it is easy to break when drilling, especially when drilling thin glass, so the strength must be controlled. 2. Pay attention to clean up the material receiving drawer in time, otherwise too many material cores may be stuck. Especially when drilling a hole with a diameter greater than 100mm, it must be cleaned every few holes drilled, because large holes produce large waste and it is easier to jam the catcher. 3. Before the glass drilling work starts, lubricate the oil injection part of the glass drilling machine, and check whether the drill bit, belt, upper and lower drill shafts are normal. 4. When cleaning, make sure that the catcher is in the receiving position; when cleaning the core material, the drill bit must be used to start the rotation. At this time, the catcher is in the receiving position and the material core can be easily cleaned.
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