Professional tutor you how to choose and buy glass straight line edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-06-03
Professional tutor you how to choose and buy glass straight line edging machine, sometimes spend a tens of thousands of dollars on a glass straight line edging machine for a small business or individual, nor a small number. The choose and buy it must compare the technical parameters and configuration, more in the purchase contract may indicate that the factory requirements, etc. 1, before and after the girder plate must be smooth, otherwise it is hard to guarantee the straightness of edge grinding. Usually by grinding the edge chamfering can see out. Glass as long as possible, to grind in good look as big chamfer is from the beginning to the end. 2, glass linear edge grinding machine is also very important, shaft beating accuracy requirement is very high also, the waterproof requirement is high also, some factory in pursuit of profit maximization, will give you power insufficiency, the small plant of motor, shoddy. Beam before and after 3, glass straight line beveling machine, such as the base, grinding head must be casting parts, if not the casting parts, welding parts rigidity is not good, after a long time the opportunity is easy to loose. Our machine any casting part is made of special mould, high quality castings, high stability of quality.
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