Professional manufacturers teach you how to choose glass straight line edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-20

Professional manufacturers teach you how to choose a glass straight-line edging machine. Sometimes a glass straight-line edging machine for tens of thousands of dollars is not a small amount for a small business or individual. Be sure to compare the technical parameters and configuration more when purchasing it, and the factory requirements can be indicated in the purchase contract.

 1. The front and rear pressure plates of the beam must be flat, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the straightness of the edging. Generally, it can be seen by observing the chamfered edge. The longer the glass, the better, and you can see if the chamfer is the same size from beginning to end.

  2. The motor of the glass linear glass edging machine is also very important. The shaft runout accuracy requirements are also very high, and the requirements for waterproofing are also high. In order to maximize profits, some factories will give you insufficient power and low power. The factory's motor is shoddy.

  3. The front and rear beams, bases, and grinding head seats of the glass straight beveling machine must be cast parts. If they are not cast parts, the welded parts have poor rigidity and will become loose after a long time. Any casting parts of our whole machine are made with special molds, high-quality castings, super stable quality.

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