Professional manufacturer mainly glass edge grinding machine of main transmission shaft

by:Enkong     2021-04-30
Professional manufacturer mainly glass edge grinding machine of main transmission shaft, the precision of the main transmission shaft parts of glass cutting edge, rigidity and thermal deformation have a direct effect on the quality of glass processing. Because of wrong in the manufacturing process of glass glass edge grinding machine manual adjustment, thus these effects is more serious. The current glass edge grinding machine of main transmission shaft there are three main types. Main transmission shaft front end design selects the double row short cylindrical roller bearing and 60 degree Angle contact double row angular contact ball bearing combination, the back-end brackets using paired angular contact ball bearing. This way of equipment to the main shaft of synthetical stiffness significantly progress, satisfied the demand of the glass processing, thus throughout is applied to all kinds of glass edge grinding machine. Angular contact ball bearing high speed when the function is good, the main transmission shaft top speed of 4000 RPM. However, it can carry small, so it is suitable for high speed and light load and tight glass edge grinding machine. This kind of bearing radial and axial rigidity is high, can bear the heavy load, especially can bear strong dynamic load, equipment and adjustment function. But, this kind of the highest speed and precision of the main shaft bearing constraints, thus using medium precision, low speed and heavy glass edge grinding machine. In the organization of the main transmission shaft, to handle glass clamping, unloading of main transmission shaft and main shaft bearing gap adjustment and positioning, smooth and seal of main shaft parts, and process a series of other problems. As much as possible in order to cut the main transmission shaft parts heat distortion temperature influence on glass machining precision work, the general use of lubrication oil circulation system of the main transmission shaft parts heat away, make main shaft parts and body stable overheating protection. On some glass machinery and the use of special refrigeration equipment, compared to the ideal completed the overheating protection control.
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