Processing technology and operation of automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-11

The glass cutting machine is a processing machine specially used for glass processing and blanking. The glass glass cutting machine includes an end-to-end pneumatic sheet feeding table and a double-bridge intercommunication cutting table.

The new automatic glass cutting machine includes a cutting machine body, the cutting machine body includes a cutting device, a lifting device, a positioning mechanism, a conveying device and a controller, and the positioning mechanism includes a digital imaging device , digital processing devices, positioning devices and backlight panels.

The cutting device is provided with a backlight plate, the conveying device is provided with a digital imaging device, the digital imaging device is connected with the positioning device arranged in the body, the positioning device is provided with a digital processing device, and the positioning device is connected to the controller. Connection, the cutting device is set on the top of the fuselage.

The conveying device includes a rear rotating shaft, a front rotating shaft, a conveyor belt, a driven pulley belt and a motor. A conveyor belt is wound between the rear rotating shaft and the front rotating shaft. One end of the driving wheel is connected to the motor through the driving wheel. The lifting device includes a limit block, a slider, a slide rail and an electric cylinder.

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