Process flow of dry laminated glass machining

by:Enkong     2021-04-28
(1) Preparation of glass The glass substrate of laminated glass can be float glass, tempered glass, colored glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflective glass, flat glass, polished glass, etc. First, select the glass in accordance with the regulations of the national standard for laminated glass, and it is required that there is no corrugation, gravel, stone or very few corrugations. Cut the glass blank. Then, according to the size and shape of the ordering unit's drawings and the size of the edge that should be ground off when edging, make a glued template, and cover the template on the rough glass when cutting. The requirements for each pair of glass overlap closely, and the size difference should not exceed 5M/side. (2) Washing of glass In order to remove dust, dirt, greasy kimono on the surface of the glass, the glass should be washed carefully. Glass washing is divided into machine washing and manual washing. The use of glass edging machine to wash glass can save labor, reduce labor intensity, improve washing quality, make the production process continuous, and be suitable for mass production. Manual washing is particularly suitable for small batch production factories. You can choose the glass horizontal washing machine produced by our company, which has a large size, high efficiency and good effect. After the special dirt is cleaned, in order to prevent the detergent solution from remaining on the glass surface, it must be rinsed with clean water at last. The quality of the final washing water has a great influence on the strangulation strength of the laminated glass, especially the salinity of the washing water affects the final quality of the glass and PvB bulging. Water with high hardness will reduce the bonding strength between glass and PvB. Therefore, if the water source has high hardness, it is best to use softened water equipment to convert hard water into softened water or deionized water. After the glass is washed and dried, it is necessary to carefully check the qualification of the washing and the defects of the glass. In the production of bent laminated glass, the washing of the glass must be completed before the hot bending. After the glass is bent, it is necessary to determine whether the isolation powder needs to be removed according to the amount of isolation powder used, but further cleaning is not necessary. In general, the use of a small amount of insulating powder does not have much impact on the quality of laminated glass; if too much insulating powder adheres to the surface of the glass after hot bending, it is necessary to remove the insulating powder. Using a brush or hand wiping with a rag will not remove the powder completely and will contaminate the glass surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use a vacuum system to remove the isolation powder. (3) Preparation of PVB film. The film must be cut reasonably according to the specifications of the glass, the size of the margins and the shrinkage of the film after processing to compensate for the shrinkage of the film size during the hot pressing process. When using low-temperature storage film, the shrinkage depends on the shrinkage rate of the film itself and the amount of stress generated when the film is laid. If there is alkali powder on the surface of the roll of film, the cut film needs to be placed in 10-25Y water to rinse off the surface alkali powder. There are also two ways of washing PvB film: machine and manual. When washing manually, you need to use a brown brush to clean both sides of the film evenly in 25-45℃ clean running warm water. The cleaned film is clamped with wooden strips, hung vertically, and then wiped dry with a clean and dry silk cloth. No water droplets are allowed on the surface. Then, the film is sent to the drying room for drying. Machine washing and drying are carried out continuously. The washed and dried film is cut according to the template. The cut film requires a larger specification than the finished laminated glass. The required margin is determined according to the film type and production experience. Generally, the four sides are required to be 5mm larger.

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