Process factors that can affect glass grinding by glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-13

Different products need to have different functions. The products that appear in front of us now have a more important role. Are the current mechanical products in continuous improvement and are now in the market? There are many types of mechanical products. Good mechanical products are definitely easier to occupy the market position. Different mechanical products need to be used at different times. Glass edging machines are constantly developing. One of the products, and now the technology for producing this product is constantly developing, but sometimes a product will inevitably encounter some problems. The following is the process factors that can affect the glass grinding by the glass edging machine Have? The glass edging machine for glass grinding is mainly mechanical damage. The abrasive penetrates into the surface cracks to promote their expansion, and scour the glass chips intertwined between the cracks to accelerate the grinding process. When grinding, a large amount of glass is usually first grind off with a coarse abrasive, followed by a fine abrasive, until a very shallow uneven layer and crack layer are left on the surface. The grinding used is generally made of cast iron and other materials, and the disc surface has grooves to facilitate the uniform distribution of the abrasives coming in from the center and the removal of glass chips. The process factors that affect the glass grinding by the glass edging machine are: the nature and size of the abrasive, the grinding pressure and speed, the material of the grinding disc, the medium of the abrasive slurry, the amount of water added and the glass composition. Nowadays, the glass edging machine is constantly developing, and the production technology of the glass edging machine is moving towards a more mature stage, and the glass edging machine has a relatively good geographic location, so it is easier to be consumed. Chosen by the readers.
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