Problems to be considered in the use of glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-28
The glass edging machine sometimes uses low power and takes a long time without cleaning. And if the power reaches a certain value, the stain will be washed away soon. The most suitable cleaning temperature for cleaning water is 10-20°C, especially in cold weather, if the temperature of the cleaning water is low, the cavitation effect is poor, and the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, some washing machines wind heating electric wires around the outside of the water tank for temperature control. When the temperature rises, cavitation is prone to occur, so the cleaning effect is better. When the temperature continues to rise in the future, the effect will be weakened. In the use of the glass washing machine, it is necessary to consider the glass washing power, safety, and the highest level of glass utilization factor for a certain amount of glass to be washed. Of course, the selected cleaning glass must achieve the cleaning effect and should be compatible with the glass to be cleaned. Water is the most common cleaning water, so the system in the use of the glass washing machine is simple in operation, low in cost, and widely used. However, for some glass and dust, etc., it is not suitable for water-based solutions, so there are many glasses to choose from. Different washing water should be distinguished from glass washing machines, and the glass will be dried after going through a series of washing processes.

Six Points for Attention in Washing

1. The first thing to remind everyone is about the operating sequence of the glass washing machine, especially about the sequence of the blower and the heater. Remember, you should turn on the blower first, and then turn on the heater when you turn it on; For equipment, turn off the heater first, and then turn on the blower.   2. When the thickness of the glass plate is changed, the height of the wind knife must be adjusted first, otherwise it will cause a damage accident.   3. Before stopping the transmission motor, adjust the speed regulator to zero first.   4. Generally, an emergency stop button is set on the console. Therefore, when the operation encounters an emergency, we can press the emergency button.   5. When cleaning the glass, be sure to place the glass within the limit range of the feeding section.  6. When discharging water into the washing tank, the water level cannot exceed 250mm. For this reason, we can discharge water in time when the water level reaches 200mm.

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